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Carnival Games - Carnival Games Rental in San Diego

MLC now offers Carnival Game & Booth Rentals so that you can host your own Carnival, delivery charges apply.

With our large selection of traditional Carnival Games your event is sure to be a success! Choose from some of our favorites like Ring Toss, Frog Launch, Fish Pond or Crazy Driver. All games are age appropriate and can be made to be challenging depending on the crowd. The use of Carnival Games are perfect for School Carnivals, Church Fairs, Street & Block Parties or just for fun Backyard Carnival Birthday Party! What a great idea for use at a fundraiser rally or at a company team-building picnic!

PLEASE NOTE: A minimum  order of $ 399.00  is required for delivery of MLC carnival rental equipment to be considered for drop off, travel fees apply outside of the immediate 91911 area. Rental equipment such as but not limited to Inflatables, party equipment, entertainment, animals, interactives and other such equipment and services are subject to a $ 399.00 minimum. Call for details and restrictions.  My Little Carnival reserves the right to refuse delivery to anyone for any reason:  Carnival Game Rentals do NOT include table with red & white wrap but may be rented separatly for an additional charge;


Color Wheel

Pick a color from the wheel before tossing the ball to Win. Host may also choose to add a prize for each corresponding color where the ball is dropped.
W: 24 " x H: 10 " x D: 24 "
Rental Price: $ 40.00

Skee Ball

Player must roll the ball from the start line and make it to the top center marked circle to win.
W: 24 " x H: 12 " x D: 48 "
Rental Price: $ 45.00

Balloon Dart Game

Balloon Dart Game board comes with 100 #5 balloons & 3 darts (balloons are deflated) Player must pop balloon using dart to win! (players play at there own risk, game is not recomended for small children)
W: 32 " x H: 32 "
Rental Price: $ 55.00

Monster Tooth Knock Out


This mean Monster needs to get at least 3 teeth knocked out to win by throwing bean bags or whiffle balls at his mouth!

W: 23 " x H: 11 " x D: 33 "
Rental Price: $ 40.00

Sombrero cactus toss

Yeehaa Cowboys! Player must toss the Sombrero to make it onto one of the 3 Cactus branches! 2 sombreros supplied to play.
W: 26 " x H: 56 "
Rental Price: $ 45.00

Pin the Tail on the Donkey

Classic favorite at any party! Pin the tail on the Donkey while player is blind folded!
W: 50 " x H: 45 "
Rental Price: $ 45.00

Big Mouth Clown


Contestant must throw bean bags to make it into the Clowns Big Mouth with 3 trys.

W: 23 " x H: 31 " x D: 10 "
Rental Price: $ 40.00



Pick a number from the bottom before letting go of the disk to Win. Host may also choose to add a prize for each coresponding number where the disk is dropped. 

W: 24 " x H: 48 "
Rental Price: $ 45.00

Tip A Troll

Tip down at least 3 Trolls to Win by tossing bean bags at these funny guys. 
W: 30 " x H: 20 " x D: 10 "
Rental Price: $ 40.00


Putt-Putt Golf challange hole in one! Player must putt golf ball to reach the hole at the top of the green to win.
W: 10 " x D: 70 "
Rental Price: $ 40.00

Count Down

Player has 3 rolls to add up to 5> or <10 to win. Anything in beween looses!
W: 24 " x H: 8 " x D: 48 "
Rental Price: $ 50.00

Gone Bananas


Gone Bananas is the game, player must toss 3 bean bags to get either 3 bananas or 3 monkeys to show vertically, horizontally, or diagonally to win!

W: 22 " x H: 28 " x D: 10 "
Rental Price: $ 40.00

Penguin Toss


Get those Penguins out of the Igloo! Players must knock out all 3 of the Pinguins by using bean bags to win.

W: 23 " x H: 24 " x D: 10 "
Rental Price: $ 40.00


Croquet enthusiast and outdoors lovers will love this game, Player must stroke ball using the mallet through the either of the 2 Wickets being careful not to hit the posts!
W: 23 " x H: 31 " x D: 31 "
Rental Price: $ 40.00

Pin Strike


Player must roll blowing ball to Strike the Pins down.  Level ground area required for this game.

W: 24 " x H: 7 " x D: 47 "
Rental Price: $ 50.00

Strike Zone

Batters UP! Player must throw ball into the strike zone to Win!
W: 28 " x H: 47 "
Rental Price: $ 40.00

Roll On Star

Player must roll the 2 whiffle balls on 2 of 3 Stars to Win!
W: 16 " x H: 8 " x D: 48 "
Rental Price: $ 45.00

Coin Shuffle

Player must Shuffle the coin in between the Win zone making sure not to go Over or Under areas! Player gets 3 trys to win!
W: 22 " x H: 7 " x D: 45 "
Rental Price: $ 45.00

Hi Striker

Test your strength!! Swing the hammer against the block and try to ring the bell at the top. Add the Hi Striker to your next School Carnival, Birthday Party, Church Carnival, Company Picnic or Festival. 6 ft tall perfect for 5 to 12 years old May not be combined with Game or Package Rentals
Rental Price: $ 95.00

Single Spinner

Let the artist come out to play with these fun spin art machines, great for birthday parties, school carnivals, church festivals etc. Each Unit comes with 4 Paint Bottles and 20 5x7 cards with frame, additional cards may be purchased for .50Ę ea. (Delivery fee applies based on availability, requires 110v outlet or generator may be required at an additional cost, units require table top set up) May not be combined with Game or Package Rentals
Rental Price: $ 65.00 Single Spin Art up to 4-6hrs
Rental Price:
$ 95.00 Dual Spin Art up to 4-6 hrs

Football Toss

Test your skills, make the foot ball into the Touch Down Zone!
Rental Price: $ 40.00

Hockey Puck

Score big! Player must make puck ball into the goal zone.†
Rental Price: $ 40.00

Double or Nothing

Double or Nothing is the game, player must roll dice double to win!
Rental Price: $ 40.00


GOAAAAALLL!!!! Player must side kick ball between goal posts to win.
Rental Price: $ 40.00

Clown Tooth Knock Out

Player must knock out 1 or more of the clowns teeth Level 2
Rental Price: $ 40.00

Pick a Pop

Player must pick the colored lollipop he or she choose before picking it out of 100 pops. Player gets to keep pop if correct plus a ticket if they win.
Rental Price: $ 40.00

Hoop Shot

Player must make the balls into the hoop to win. Level 2
Rental Price: $ 40.00

Milk Bottle Toss

Player gets 1 try to knock down all 3 milk bottles. Level 3
Rental Price: $ 40.00 up to 8 Hrs

Stand Up the Bottle

Player gets 2 chances for this real classic carnival game to stand up the bottle without it falling off the ring and base of the stand. Level 3
W: 30 " x H: 20 " x D: 2 "
Rental Price: $ 40.00 up to 8 Hrs

Horse Shoe Toss

Who doesnít love to horse around with this fun and classic game; player must make the Horse Shoe around the base to win. Level 3.
W: 24 " x H: 24 " x D: 22 "
Rental Price: $ 45.00 up to 8 Hrs

Penny Pitch

Player gets 5 tries to pitch a penny into the black circle, it looks easier than it really is! Level 2
Rental Price: $ 45.00 up to 8 Hrs

Tip a Jug

Player must knock down at least 3 of these jugs with 3 tries to win the game. Level 2
W: 26 " x H: 30 " x D: 10 "
Rental Price: $ 40.00 †up to 8 Hrs

Bottle Ring

This one is a classic in all carnivals, player must make the ring around the neck of these jumbo bottles. Level 3
Rental Price: $ 40.00 †up to 8 Hrs

Milk Can Toss

Who doesnít remember this fun game at your local carnival; players must make 1 of 3 balls into the old fashioned Milk Can to win. Level 3
Rental Price: $ 45.00 up to 8 Hrs

Star Dart

A safer version of the dart game, player must make the target by throwing a suction dart and making it right in the middle of the yellow star! Level 3
Rental Price: $ 40.00 †up to 8 Hrs

Ring Toss

Carnival Classic, player must make 2 rings around the dowels to win, 5 tries to make it. Level 3
Rental Price: $ 40.00 †up to 8 Hrs

Saucer Tosser

Player gets 3 tries to make the coin stay onto one of the saucers without falling off. Level 3
Rental Price: $ 40.00 †up to 8 Hrs

Bean Bag Toss

Player gets 3 tries to make one of the circles, make it harder by having the player make all 3 bean bags in a row. Level 2
Rental Price: $ 40.00 †up to 8 Hrs

Stop & Throw

In this game player must make the ball into one of the colored sections, keeping it in is the trick to this one. Level 4
Rental Price: $ 40.00 †up to 8 Hrs

Krazy Kans

With this classic game, player getís 2 tries to knock down all 5 cans with a bean bag to win- Level 2
W: 24 " x H: 22 " x D: 24 "
Rental Price: $ 45.00 up to 8 Hrs

Ping Pong Toss Floating Dishes

Player must toss at least 2 ping pong balls from 6 tries into the nappy bowls to win this classic carnival game. Level 3
Rental Price: $ 45.00 †up to 8 Hrs

Over & Under

Player gets 3 chances to roll the balls from the starting line either 6 & under or 11 and over to win . Level 3
Rental Price: $ 45.00 †up to 8 Hrs

Go Fish

2 players are required for this fun classic- Both players are given a fishing pole & bucket to compete against each other to see who catches the most fish. Level 2
Rental Price: $ 40.00 †up to 8 Hrs

Roller Baller

Contestant must roll the Bache ball down the lane just enough to make it up the hump and keep it in the space in between to win. Level 3
Rental Price: $ 50.00 †up to 8 Hrs

Coke-Cola Bottle Toss

This is classic at any carnival. Player gets 6 cane rings to toss and must make 2 around the neck of the bottle to win. Level 4
Rental Price: $ 35.00 †up to 8 Hrs

Crazy Driver

A must have for all School Carnivals, Player must make the golf ball from the starting point by driving it into the hole at the end, levels can be changed from 3 different speeds. Levels 3-5
Rental Price: $ 50.00 †up to 8 Hrs


The object of this carnival game is to make the ping pong ball into 1 of the 5 red circles, player gets 5 tries. Level 3
W: 20 " x H: 20 " x D: 20 "
Rental Price: $ 40.00 †up to 8 Hrs

Frog Launch

A must have at any event, Player hits the launcher with a mallet to make the frog into a bushel basket Level 3
Rental Price: $ 40.00 †up to 8 Hrs

Slots of Fun

Player must make the disc in the slot by tossing it, player gets 3 tries. Level 4
Rental Price: $ 40.00 †up to 8 Hrs

Cover the Spot

Player must cover the Red Circle by tossing 4 discís to cover the spot. Level 3 Make it easy by making 1 disc inside the red circle without touching outside the circle. Level 2
Rental Price: $ 35.00 up to 8 Hrs

Tic Tac Toe

This Carnival Game is a classic- Player must make Tic Tac Toe by tossing the balls from a distance making a 3 balls in a row. Level 3
Rental Price: $ 40.00 †up to 8 hrs


This carnival game can be challenging and rules can be changed to fit the age group- Make it hard by making the player ring the hoop all the way down to fit around the square Level 4 Make it easy by making the Hoop just around the pole, Level 2
Rental Price: $ 40.00

Win Loose or Draw

Player must make all 3 balls in a row by rolling them from the starting line and making them Vertically, Diagonally or Horizontally. Level 3
Rental Price: $ 45.00